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Google's New Singapore Data Center Embraces Sustainability

Google has completed its fourth data centre in Singapore, investing $5 billion in the local data centre market. The new facility helps Singapore achieve its goal of becoming a regional data centre hub. Google's data centre in Singapore has sustainable elements such as water recycling and energy-efficient cooling systems.

With an investment of US$5 billion in the Singapore data center business, Google has significantly increased its presence in the region, surpassing the US$850 million spent in 2018.

Located in Jurong West, the new facility aims to meet the growing demand for cloud services while supporting the government's vision of establishing Singapore as a regional data center hub. The announcement came during a sustainable data centre event, emphasising Google's dedication to environmental responsibility.

Since constructing its first data centre in Singapore in 2013, Google's local operations have grown to 500 employees. In terms of environmental responsiveness, the corporation has been at the forefront of the industry, establishing lofty targets to source all electricity in its data centres and offices throughout the world from renewable sources.

The newly constructed data center in Singapore incorporates innovative energy-saving measures. Despite being approved before the implementation of sustainability requirements, the facility utilises water recycling in its cooling systems and maintains an average indoor temperature of 27°C, ensuring both efficiency and comfort.

Google understands the need for increased renewable energy use in Asia. Kate Brandt, Google's Chief Sustainability Officer, agrees that the region is lagging in its transition to renewable energy sources. To solve this, Google intends to partner with the government and public works projects to remove structural barriers such as high costs and limited commerce in renewable energy.

  • Google completes its fourth data center in Singapore, investing US$5 billion in the local data center business.

  • The new facility supports Singapore's goal of becoming a regional data center hub.

  • Google's data center in Singapore incorporates sustainability features, including water recycling and energy-efficient cooling systems.


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