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Singtel Launches Paragon Platform To Provide Enterprises With 5G Network, Computing Services & More

Singtel today announced the launch of Paragon, a new platform that provides enterprises with 5G network and edge computing services as well as access to an ecosystem of partner applications.

Paragon was developed in-house to serve as an all-in-one solution for 5G edge computing and cloud services to help the digital transformation of various industries.

The Singaporean telecommunications firm said that by aggregating low latency networks and edge cloud resources, the platform is able to reduce the complexity and time needed to adopt 5G applications and services, thereby lowering the barriers of entry and enabling faster deployment. The firm further touted that enterprises could interact with the 5G network and deploy their edge computing applications and services on Singtel’s infrastructure independently and securely within minutes.

Customers can also access other solutions from Singtel’s partners to deliver their 5G use cases. They can find these solutions in the Paragon Marketplace, an app store of sorts where the firm’s partners will integrate their offerings through an industry-standard application programming interface (API). Some of the already available solutions include real-time fleet management, metaverse-based simulations and smart warehouse management, among others.

The real-time fleet management solution, for example, gives customers the ability to monitor and operate autonomous vehicles and drones in real-time, as demonstrated by Singtel in today’s launch event. The firm also showcased how warehouse management, e-training, and tourism applications work on the Paragon platform.

These use cases are now possible thanks to improvements in network speeds and latency that 5G brings. The new mobile network standard also allows network slicing, a configuration that essentially makes it possible to segment parts of the network for different use cases, which can reduce costs and improve performance, to name a few benefits.

Credit: Singtel

"We are pleased to already witness exciting and successful trials being conducted on Paragon and invite partners in 5G-related fields, from chipset manufacturers, Internet-of-Things devices, apps and software developers, content producers, systems integrators and solution providers, to join us, as we scale this platform regionally and globally with other telecommunication leaders to benefit customers in a 5G world," said Mr Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel Group Enterprise.

Singtel plans to scale the platform both regionally and globally with other telecommunication firms in the near future.

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