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Alibaba Cloud Takes Another Step to Align with Europe’s GDPR.

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group has been verified to be adherent to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct.

SCOPE Europe, the Code’s independent monitoring body, says verification underpins the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-related measures implemented by Alibaba Cloud for customers.

“The declaration of adherence of Alibaba Cloud shows that our chosen approach to enable companies to partially support Code compliance by independent third-party certificates and audits is an attractive tool for the market”, said Jörn Wittmann, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe.

The affirmation follows fierce efforts to ensure Alibaba Cloud services comply with the transparency and privacy protection requirements in Europe.

It is also seen as an important milestone in the company’s journey to verifiably align with GDPR.

“As a founding member of the EU Code of Conduct for Cloud, this achievement is yet another demonstration of Alibaba Cloud’s commitment to providing high-quality and trusted cloud services meeting the world-leading standards of data protection for consumers and businesses under the GDPR. ” said Selina Yuan, President of International Business, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

The cloud services confirmed to be in compliance to the Code of Conduct are transparently listed in the Public Register, and supported by a public verification report.

Cloud service families, relying on the same technical and organizational as well as contractual framework, ease a Cloud Service Provider’s declaration of adherence as cloud services will be assessed collectively.

While the EU Cloud Code of Conduct is still pending the official approval of European Data Protection Board (EDPB), members of the General Assembly of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct are able to declare that their cloud services adhere to the Code after robust monitoring under principles and procedures of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct, pending the formal endorsement of the Code and the official approval by supervisory authorities.

Alibaba Cloud has joined the EU Cloud Code of Conduct in 2017 as a founding member. To date, the leading industry body has 14 members, representing European and multinational companies and organizations as well as small- and medium-sized providers. Alibaba Cloud currently has 63 availability zones in 21 regions, serving millions of customers across the globe. It has more than 70 security and compliance accreditations worldwide.

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