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The Future Of Digital Transformation: Dreamforce 2019

Over the recent years, many companies have embarked on the journey of digital transformation. Besides deploying business solutions to better manage their businesses, the presence and usage of artificial intelligence (AI) has created a whole new ballgame.

With the announcements made at Dreamforce 2019, you can almost foretell what the exciting innovations will bring forth in the future of digital transformation. 

Reimagining Customer Experience With Learning Apps

Trailhead GO on iOS Credit: Salesforce

A new learning app, Trailhead GO,has been announced, targeted to enhance customer experiences with features that are exclusive to iOS and iPadOS. This partnership by Apple and Salesforce targets to empower professionals in sales, service and marketing with learning experiences powered by AI. Trailhead GO is available for free and users can access anytime, anywhere to learn in-demand skills.

Accessing Customer Data At Great Ease

Customer 360 Data Manager Credit: Salesforce

If you find yourself having to use multiple accesses to manage a customer’s database due to different systems or security concerns, this new data and identity services, Customer 360 Truth introduced by Salesforce may well be good news for you.

Companies can now have a complete 360° view of its customers’ information, managing and resolving the data with the ability to authenticate identities across different digital properties. This service also governs customers’ privacy and consent so there is transparency on how and where the data is used. 

Changing The Game In Customer Service

Service Cloud Voice Console Credit: Salesforce

Besides the partnership with Apple, Salesforce also announced its partnership, Service Cloud Voice, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance the businesses provide customer service. 

More often than not, we experience some form of delays whenever we have to make a distress call to a customer helpline to get help. It can be a frustrating experience when we feel that the customer service agents are unable to provide us the information we need at the snap of their fingers.

Service Cloud Voice acts as a centralised command centre, bringing phone and digital channels together, with CRM data accessible and available for customer service agents. This way, they have access to chat histories, customer data at their fingertips and it can potentially change the way we feel about customer service.

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