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Telstra Purple Available in Singapore : 3 Things About Telstra Vantage

Telstra Vantage 2019 in Melbourne, Australia has concluded and here are the 3 big takeaways from the annual event.

Telstra Vantage 2019, Melbourne, Australia Credit: Telstra

1. 5G Is Here

Andy Penn, CEO of Telstra (L) and Michael Ebeid, Group Executive Telstra Enterprise (R)

Telstra has rolled out 5G in selected regions in Australia, and it is safe to say that the response has been positive. “Consumers in Australia are already taking on 5G plans that are of higher-end price,” Andy Penn, CEO of Telstra shared.

Being one of the first few big players to launch 5G, Telstra is keeping up the momentum to extend the network to more cities in the next 12 months and feature second-generation chipsets for consumers. That will mean more 5G devices to be launched in the first quarter of 2020.

Michael Ebeid, Group Executive of Telstra Enterprise believes that adoption of 5G is a matter of time with “over 3.2 million of IoT devices in Australia and with more than 2,000 devices used daily.”

2. Telstra Purple

Telstra Purple, announced at Telstra Vantage Opening Keynote

At the Telstra Vantage Opening Keynote, the launch of Telstra Purple, a technology services platform for businesses, was also announced. This new entity comprises of Telstra’s recently acquired companies as well as their technology capabilities. The objective of Telstra Purple is largely to help businesses transform the way they do things on a technological front.

Besides Australia, Telstra Purple services will also be provided in Singapore, Hong Kong and U.K.. DBS Singapore and Standard Chartered Singapore are also part of the Telstra Purple programme, where they will benefit from technology solutions from Telstra’s products and services.

3. Telstra Data Hub

(Screenshot of the Connected Supply Chain platform) Credit: Telstra

Telstra teams up with Microsoft to create Data Hub, a collaborative effort to consolidate data across industries and change the paradigm on how data is used.

The current way of data sharing from point to point is still very traditional, and according to Christian von Reventlow, Group Executive Product and Technology at Telstra, 99% of data generated remain unused, unshared and unanalysed.

The idea of Telstra Data Hub is to encourage data collaboration across industries, bringing along better productivity to ensure efficiency. With the use of 5G, data is easily retrieved to derive analytics to drive business objectives. The data hub, being a cloud-based platform, is API-based sharing by developing a common language in the world of data collaboration. It will then allow businesses to share and retrieve data analytics relevant to their use.

Christian von Reventlow, Group Executive Product and Technology at Telstra (middle)

The concern on oversharing with competitors has been addressed, as Christian shared, because it’s API-based sharing, it won’t have an impact on businesses having confidential business information being leaked or let known to competing brands.

Telstra Data Hub is currently only available in Australia, kickstarting with the supply chain industry and with at least 5 partners, including global players, who are onboard the idea. The business model of the data hub is not shared during the media conference, but Telstra maintained that this is a business-to-business offering and they hope to offer value for the businesses.

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