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Taiwan Semiconductor Stock: April Sales Surge on Advanced Nodes

Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC), a renowned chip producer, claims strong April sales increase, fueled by advanced nodes. Revenue from the 3nm, 5nm, and 7nm nodes is growing, with 3nm production capacity predicted to increase by 80% by year end. TSMC's 3nm circuits are utilised in Apple devices, and the company intends to expand its customer base to include AMD and Intel.

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TSMC supplies key design companies such as Apple, Nvidia, AMD, and Qualcomm, and is noted for producing the world's most advanced semiconductors.

The company's results report for May 15th topped analyst expectations, with a YoY revenue increase of 12.9% to US$18.9 billion. TSMC's earnings per share (EPS) also above forecasts, reaching US$1.38 versus the projected US$1.32.

Despite the projected slowdown in the semiconductor business, TSMC's April revenues increased by 60% year on year and 21% month on month. This good result is viewed as a promising precursor to the expected 33% sales growth acceleration in the future months.

TSMC's advanced node revenue remains strong, despite a short drop in 3nm revenue. However, Trend Force predicts that 3nm production capacity utilisation will climb by 80% by the end of the year. Revenue from 5nm and 7nm nodes increased by two points this quarter.

The 3nm process is now the most advanced semiconductor technology, providing superior performance and lower power consumption than the 5nm process. In 2023, Apple's iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and MacBook M3 processors all featured TSMC's 3nm CPUs. In 2024, TSMC intends to expand its 3nm customer base to include AMD and Intel.

Looking ahead, TSMC is preparing to migrate to the 2nm process, which will use gate-all-around field-effect transistors (GAAFETs) to increase chip density and performance-per-watt. The 2nm node is projected to provide better performance and lower power consumption.

  • TSMC reports impressive April sales growth driven by advanced nodes.

  • Revenue from 3nm, 5nm, and 7nm nodes expands, with 3nm production capacity expected to increase by 80% by year end.

  • TSMC's 3nm chips used in Apple's devices, with plans to expand customer base to include AMD and Intel.

Source: Forbes

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