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SG-Based Flexxon Partners With Lenovo to Launch World's First AI-Embedded Cybersecurity Laptops

Singapore-based industrial NAND flash storage solutions provider Flexxon announced its partnership with Lenovo to launch the world’s first AI-embedded cybersecurity laptops on Wednesday, 4 August.

Credit: X-PHY

Three series of laptops are set to launch in September this year: X-PHY Ace, X-PHY CyberPad and X-PHY Zepto, all of which are housing Flexxon's X-PHY Cyber Secure Solid-State Drive (SSD).

Flexxon previously launched the X-PHY in April, announcing that it is the world's first AI- and machine learning-driven data security solution that provides real-time protection against known and unknown cyber threats. The solution is reportedly capable of guarding against remote and physical attacks alike, giving users an all-encompassing range of protection.

Combining this proprietary solution with Lenovo's hardware and interface, Flexxon looks to deliver a set of laptops that are equipped with the necessary defences to safeguard users against the ever-widening surface of attack brought about by the recent shift towards digital platforms.

"Partnering with a personal computing powerhouse like Lenovo will allow us to provide the very best performance, safety and security for our customers around the world," said Flexxon Founder and CEO Camellia Chan. "We share a common vision of building a digital world that users can navigate with peace of mind while allowing them to experience the very best performance through their personal computing devices."

"Through this partnership, we will unlock the full potential of today and tomorrow's digital landscape, while securing the vital data of our customers along this journey," she added.

Credit: X-PHY / Flexxon

The X-PHY AI Cybersecurity laptops incorporate the "Zero Trust" security framework, a cybersecurity infrastructure where threats are monitored around the clock and in real-time. If one is detected, the system triggers an immediate lockdown, blocking any attempts of phishing, ransomware, data theft, and other forms of cyberattacks. Once triggered, only authenticated users can unlock the computers with the use of dynamic authentication security via the X-PHY Bluetooth mobile app.

Also, security bypasses of existing models of SSDs, such as physical removal, side-channel attacks using power surges or sudden temperature fluctuations will trigger X-PHY to lock down the system immediately.

Cybercrime has multiplied exponentially in the last year alone, according to Flexxon, with most enterprises shifting from traditional to digital infrastructures. Wi-Fi networks at home and in public spaces are usually not safe from attacks, making users vulnerable. Software-based defences are also not enough to safeguard users from threats that are said to emerge on a daily basis.

Citing a study, Flexxon notes that the cost of cybercrimes on the world's economy could exceed US$10.5 trillion by 2025.

The company said it recognizes the problem and looks to continue collaborating with Lenovo moving forward to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to counteract ever-evolving cyber threats.


Written by Kyle Chua

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