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Samsung Electronics Union in South Korea Announces General Strike

The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU) has launched a countrywide strike, demanding more salary and more time off. The strike is scheduled to begin on July 8th, and the union is looking for guarantees from the firm to resolve their issues. Samsung Electronics, the world's biggest memory chipmaker and smartphone producer, is already confronting industry headwinds.


The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU), which represents around 28,000 employees, intends to begin the strike on July 8th. This action serves as a warning to the country's most powerful company, implying that the implications of this strike could be worse than the one-day walkout that occurred last month.

The NSEU is seeking various commitments from the company, including enhancements to the performance-based bonus system and an additional day of annual leave. Son Woo-mok, the president of NSEU, made the announcement during a live YouTube broadcast, stating, "Until our demands are met, we will fight with the 'no pay no work' general strike."

The union will provide additional information about the walkout on Tuesday, according to a statement issued by the NSEU. Samsung Electronics has not yet responded to the union's claim.

The union's first industrial action was a walkout last month, during which members used annual leave. However, the company claimed that there was no substantial impact on manufacturing or commercial operations at the time.

Samsung Electronics, the world's biggest memory chipmaker and a key worldwide smartphone producer, is currently facing challenges in a variety of sectors, particularly in advanced processors. In response to what it describes as an industry "crisis," the corporation recently removed the CEO of its semiconductor division.

If the walkout grows into a larger-scale or sustained industrial action, it might pose a substantial threat to Samsung. The company is already working to catch up to competitors in the development of high bandwidth memory (HBM) chips for artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

It is worth noting that union membership has risen dramatically since Samsung vowed in 2020 to stop hindering the expansion of organised labour. This growth reflects workers' increased determination to advocate for their rights and better their working conditions.

  • The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU) has declared a general strike, demanding better pay and improved time off.

  • The strike is set to begin on July 8th, and the union is seeking commitments from the company to address their concerns.

  • Samsung Electronics, a leading memory chipmaker and smartphone manufacturer, is already facing challenges in the industry.


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