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Samsung Chairman Jay Y. Lee Explores AI, Cloud, and Chip Cooperation with Meta, Amazon, and Qualcomm in U.S. Meetings

Samsung Chairman Jay Y. Lee meets with Meta, Amazon, and Qualcomm to discuss collaboration on AI, cloud services, and semiconductor chips. AI, virtual, and augmented reality were the topics of our discussions with Meta. Collaboration with Amazon is centred on memory chips for data centres and cloud services.

The discussions focused on artificial intelligence (AI), cloud services, and semiconductor chips.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, issued an invitation to Lee, who visited his residence on Tuesday. The two tech titans discussed AI, virtual and augmented reality. Samsung, in a statement, emphasised the importance of these debates in influencing the future of technology.

Lee also met with Amazon CEO Andy Jassy and Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon to discuss future semiconductor partnerships. The talks focused on memory chips for Amazon's data centres and cloud services, as well as chip contract manufacturing for Qualcomm's mobile CPUs. These relationships are critical to Samsung's growth and innovation in the semiconductor industry.

To capitalise on the insights obtained from these discussions, Samsung intends to conduct a company-wide strategic meeting at the end of June. The meetings with Meta, Amazon, and Qualcomm will help guide the company's future strategic decisions. Lee's travel to the United States is part of a two-week mission to develop relationships with key industry leaders.

Samsung has experienced problems in the chip market, particularly in high-performance memory for AI applications. The newly appointed chief of Samsung's semiconductor division has urged employees to work together to address these challenges. Collaborations with Amazon and Qualcomm are expected to play critical roles in tackling these issues.

The cooperation between Samsung and Amazon goes beyond the chip sector. Amazon is a major customer of Samsung's semiconductors, and the two businesses work in a variety of areas, including TV, mobile, and entertainment. Furthermore, Samsung's high-end smartphones use Qualcomm's Snapdragon mobile processors, and the companies have lately expanded their collaboration to include AI-enabled PCs.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is another significant customer for Samsung's semiconductors. The two companies have worked together on projects including Samsung's Gear VR headset and foldable smartphones. Lee and Meta discussed how to strengthen their cooperation and explore new prospects in the ever-changing technology ecosystem.

  • Samsung Chairman Jay Y. Lee holds meetings with Meta, Amazon, and Qualcomm to discuss cooperation in AI, cloud services, and semiconductor chips.

  • Discussions with Meta centered around AI, virtual, and augmented reality.

  • Collaboration with Amazon focuses on memory chips for data centers and cloud services.


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