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Proving your Identity Digitally, and in Real-Life Made Easier with a Digital-ID Wallet.

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Control what you share and only give relevant information without revealing too much. These days we are having to prove our identity more often, in more platforms, on line and in real-life.

Even on the apps we download and use, our identities are often confirmed by having to send government issued IDs. Government issued IDs contain many information, that we do not want to share with any third party operators. Like your identity number, you driver’s license number, passport number and expiry dates, and so on.

Now, Thales’s new Gemalto Digital ID Wallet will allow governments to a secure digital version of official documents including identity cards, health cards and drivers licenses, available to all citizens on their smartphones.

Citizens will therefore be able to prove who they are, both online and in the real world, and access their rights and services at the touch of a button.

The solution uses multi-layered security techniques and sophisticated encryption to achieve robust protection of personal data, whilst offering users complete control over what information they choose to share, with whom, and when.

With an ever-increasing number of governments opting to digitalize official documents, the new wallet will enable citizens to keep all their vital credentials in a single, convenient and secure location.

As well as fulfilling the role of traditional paper documents.

Frédéric Trojani, SVP Identity and biometric solutions at Thales says it is all about making sure we are ready for what lies ahead, “The Digital ID Wallet creates a future-proof, citizen-centric ecosystem in which this identity revolution can flourish, meeting the needs of verification and authentication across the physical and online worlds, and leveraging the one item we are most likely to keep within easy reach – our smartphone.”


The Digital ID Wallet is designed to only share with third parties information that the citizen is willing to share. So, when accessing age restricted venues such as a casino, the user merely has to demonstrate that they are old enough to do so, not revealing their exact age or identity details.

Governments can dramatically streamline the management and verification of all their official documents, cutting red tape and establishing a powerful weapon against ID theft and fraudulent use of public services.

Creating a dynamic communication channel between issuer and user, the Digital ID Wallet also brings governments and citizens closer together.

It can facilitate timely reminders about ongoing health crisis like the CoVID 19. Or even reminders on vaccinations or being informed our new ePassport is ready for collection through the app notifications.

On top, Thales has designed its Mobile Security Core to deliver best-in-class performance, protecting the Digital ID Wallet against advanced threats and malware attacks, and fulfilling the highest and most stringent security requirements of governments.

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