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Mobile Equipment With Longer Life-Spans Make It Easier For Companies To Meet ROI Targets

It will also be more cost efficient to customize the equipment and train employees to use them.

Making your company ready for the next mobile economy, means being prepared to be the workplace of the future, and that comes with arming your staff with future proof technology, and the right attitude to always look forward.

In today’s always on the go culture, tying down employees on their desks from 9 to 5 is counter productive, setting them free to do what they have to do, will bring in better results.

One of the roles you have as the boss, is to make sure your employees have the right tools, to work as efficiently as possible.

If you look around you, everyone is looking at their smartphones. It has become the one device used extensively both for work, and to pass time.

Smartphones have even become the most used work device today, they are a lot more efficient than the heavy laptop.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10e Enterprise Edition, is a cost efficient, multi-tasking device that will make sure your staff remains productive, even when they are running around trying to get things done.

That’s because this device is designed to match our busy work lives.

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Key to the Galaxy S10e Enterprise Edition is Samsung’s guarantee of a 2 year hardware availability, faster firmware upgrades, and continued security patches for 4 years.

Timothy Tan, Samsung’s Head of Enterprise Business- IT Mobile:

“The Samsung Enterprise Edition gives businesses a way to ensure that the time and material invested in testing and certifying a new device gives a much better ROI than standard consumer devices. Samsung will ensure that the devices can continue to be used for business operations over a much longer period. In this way Enterprise IT will be able to better plan and manage their device lifecycle.”


The S10e Enterprise Edition may be smaller than the S10 and S10+ but it equals both, in performance. Just like the flagship devices, the S10e Enterprise Edition comes with a powerful 3000 mAh battery, and an intelligent system that optimizes performance.

S10e Enterprise Edition is built with a machine learning interface that will give every individual user a faster and smoother experience based on their daily routines and usage patterns. This helps optimize the smartphones performance. It will launch apps often used, faster, while putting apps you don’t need, to sleep, to save power.

When you need a bigger screen to work on, simply plug the Samsung DeX Cable or an HDMI adapter to the S10e Enterprise Edition and connect it to a monitor, pull in a keyboard and you have yourself a full work station without having to power up a laptop or transfer files from your smartphone.

In today’s mobile environment, security is also a high priority, especially those who are working on the go.

Samsung’s trademark Samsung Knox defense-grade security system is also incorporated both in the hardware and software of the S10e Enterprise Edition. You can even configure it to keep personal data and business data separate.

The Samsung Knox solutions, also lets you remotely configure devices or deploy updates without hard connections to the device or manual enrolment.

The S10e Enterprise Edition is available from Singtel Enterprise.

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