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Jabra PanaCast: The Perfect Solution For Huddle Room Meetings

Ever had to adjust the camera during conference calls to make sure whoever’s speaking at the time is in frame? Then you’ll know how lacking most of the solutions are out there. The standard Field-Of-View (FOV) right now is around 120°, but Jabra is taking it beyond that with the new Jabra PanaCast camera that has a three-camera setup and can capture 180° in panoramic 4K video without much distortion at all.

Credit: Jabra

The three 13MP cameras work together and uses real-time dynamic stitching technology to provide a video feed that basically eliminates distortion at the far corners and sides. There is a bit of lag, however, about half a second for actions in real-life to translate onto the screen.

But the 180° viewing angle is the real selling point of this camera. With meeting rooms getting smaller and smaller, conventional 120° cameras are unable to capture everyone, resulting in wasted space as tables and chairs have to be further from the lens in order to fit everybody in.

With the wider viewing angle, meeting spaces are more effectively utilised with the average 40% of room wastage with traditional cameras being eliminated. This means lower costs on renting meeting rooms, or being able to use the saved space for something else.

Credit: Jabra

In addition, there are some great features that make conference calls just that bit easier. There’s automatic human detection so you’ll be able to see how many people there are joining the call. There’s also a whiteboard share feature, where the camera will be able to detect a whiteboard surface and display it on the call.

Jabra is also making their PanaCast API public so companies will be able to develop software for the camera that suits their needs.

More information on the Jabra PanaCast (S$1,389) can be found on Jabra’s website, and the camera is now available from all authorised Jabra business partners.

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