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Former OpenAI Leader Jan Leike Criticises Company for Prioritising Products Over AI Safety Concerns

Former OpenAI executive Jan Leike has highlighted worries about the company's prioritisation of product development over safety. Leike feels that more emphasis should be placed on preparing for the next generation of AI models, such as safety precautions and assessing societal consequences. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman acknowledges Leike's contributions and promises to address the issues raised.

A former OpenAI executive has expressed worries about the company's emphasis on safety, saying it has "taken a backseat to shiny products." Jan Leike, who just quit from the influential artificial intelligence business, revealed his dissatisfaction with the organisation's aims via a series of social media posts. Leike, who led OpenAI's "Superalignment" team, believes that more attention should be placed on preparing for the next generation of AI models, including safety precautions and assessing the societal implications of such technologies. He underlined OpenAI's responsibilities for producing "smarter-than-human machines" and urged the business to consider safety as it proceeds towards artificial general intelligence (AGI).

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman responded to Leike's posts, thanking him for his contributions and emphasising that the business is committed to addressing the concerns mentioned. Altman promised to produce a fuller piece about the topic in the following days. In addition, OpenAI reported that Leike's Superalignment team, which focused on AI dangers, has been dissolved. The team members will be merged into the company's other research initiatives.

Leike's resignation comes after the departure of OpenAI co-founder and head scientist Ilya Sutskever earlier this week. Sutskever, who had been with the company for nearly a decade, announced his departure without offering any concrete information about his future plans. He will be succeeded by Jakub Pachocki as head scientist. Altman expressed trust in Pachocki's talents, saying he believes Pachocki will lead the firm to rapid and safe development towards OpenAI's aim of ensuring that AGI benefits everyone.

Meanwhile, OpenAI just unveiled the latest version of their artificial intelligence model. The model can emulate human cadences in spoken responses and even sense people's moods.

  • Former OpenAI leader Jan Leike has expressed concerns about safety taking a backseat to product development at the company.

  • Leike believes there should be more focus on preparing for the next generation of AI models, including safety measures and analysing societal impacts.

  • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman appreciates Leike's contributions and pledges to address the concerns raised.

Source: AP News

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