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Dyson Moves Singapore Headquarters to St. James Power Station

Credit: Dyson

Previously the hotspot for clubbers and partygoers, St. James Power Station is now set to be Dyson’s new Singapore headquarters. With the shift happening in 2021, Dyson expects the new office to double their research and engineering footprint.

Focusing on power electronics, energy storage, sensors, vision systems, embedded software, robotics, AI, machine learning and connected devices, Dyson is also expecting a two-fold increase in their team of engineers and scientists based in Singapore.

Jim Rowan, CEO of Dyson, said, “It will be a hive for our research and development endeavours, as we focus on great technology breakthroughs. I’m very confident that the ingenuity of our engineers and scientists here in Singapore – and the many more who will join them – will continue to drive Dyson forward all around the globe.”

Credit: Dyson

Dyson will be partnering with Mapletree to restore St. James Power Station before installing the research and technology labs and offices.

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