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Dyson Begins Move Into New Singapore HQ; Set To Open in 2022

Dyson, a company primarily known for its vacuum cleaners, has recently announced it has begun moving into its new headquarters - Singapore's St. James Power Station.

Credit: Dyson

Dyson CEO Roland Krueger said that the company is honoured to bring the power station back to life as its new headquarters. The company would add to its significant history through the discoveries and technologies made by its scientists and engineers.

You may remember that the company announced its plans to move its headquarters from the United Kingdom to Singapore in 2019 due to the location's potential to be a "hive for [the company's] research and development endeavours".

Jim Rowan, Dyson's CEO at the time, said that the move was unrelated to Brexit or tax. Instead, it was to make the company "future-proof" for where the company would see the biggest opportunities.

"We have seen an acceleration of opportunities to grow the company from a revenue perspective in Asia," Rowan said. "We have always had a revenue stream there and will be putting up our best efforts as well as keeping an eye on investments."

A picture of Singapore's St. James Power Station in 2006. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The St. James Power Station was Singapore's first coal-fired power plant. With its gross ground space of 110,000 square feet, the historic building is expected to double Dyson's research and engineering footprint in Singapore.

According to Dyson, the first phase of the power plant's major restoration done in collaboration with Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd., the building's owner and developer, has been recently completed and the office is expected to open in 2022.

Dyson is also in the process of recruiting hundreds of engineers in Singapore as part of its global investment plan. This recruitment drive is meant to help expand and deepen the company's research in software, advanced robotics, AI and investment into new specialisms.

Specifically, the company is looking to fill 250 jobs for its existing software and electronics engineering teams.


Written by John Paul Joaquin


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