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In Deal with OpenAI, Apple Courts Sam Altman 16 Years After WWDC Appearance

Apple has partnered with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT into the iPhone operating system. The agreement grants OpenAI access to millions of Apple customers, broadening its reach. Apple hopes to catch up in the AI field and improve its services through ChatGPT.

Altman, who is currently the head of OpenAI, will be critical in helping Apple catch up in the field of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

The cooperation hopes to incorporate OpenAI's ChatGPT into the iPhone operating system, which will be presented at Apple's next Worldwide Developers Conference. This collaboration represents the shifting power dynamics in Silicon Valley and Apple's drive to capitalise on today's hottest AI technology.

By collaborating with OpenAI, Apple obtains access to millions of potential consumers who would have been hesitant to test ChatGPT otherwise. This cooperation enables Apple to combine ChatGPT's tremendous capabilities with its own services, providing the business an advantage in the AI market.

While Apple has been working on its own AI features, including some that operate on its devices and require cloud computing, its chatbot technology remains behind competitors. Apple's OpenAI cooperation is a short- to medium-term arrangement, while the business seeks to develop its own AI capabilities.

During the WWDC keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook will discuss the partnership and the company's AI goals. The corporation confronts the difficulty of convincing consumers, developers, and investors that it can prosper in the AI era, especially given that its existing business has seen diminishing revenue in recent quarters.

The parameters of the Apple-OpenAI agreement have not been made public, and both firms have declined to comment on the relationship. Apple, long a pioneer in AI services with the introduction of Siri in 2011, has fallen behind its competitors in recent years. The launch of ChatGPT in 2022 spurred a competition among digital behemoths to establish their own AI services.

Apple has been working behind the scenes to improve its AI capabilities. Employees at the company have been working on a competitor to ChatGPT, codenamed Ajax, as well as infusing AI into its operations and services. However, Apple saw that OpenAI and Google were ahead in chatbot technology and decided to outsource this duty.

By working with OpenAI, Apple can remove itself from the technology while yet providing a chatbot service that meets user expectations. The arrangement with OpenAI is only the beginning, as Apple is also looking into relationships with other chatbot providers, such as Google's Gemini.

The relationship with OpenAI helps both parties. Apple has access to OpenAI's cutting-edge technology and a large user base, while OpenAI gains visibility through integration into Apple's popular devices. Concerns regarding safety, privacy, and access to personal information may arise if OpenAI's technology is more integrated into Apple's software.

Despite the fact that the OpenAI agreement is just temporary, Apple has a track record of eventually integrating outside technology in-house. The corporation is also moving beyond chatbots, intending to use massive language models to power robotic gadgets that it is secretly building.

  • Apple partners with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iPhone's operating system

  • The deal gives OpenAI access to millions of Apple users, expanding its reach

  • Apple aims to catch up in the AI space and enhance its services with ChatGPT

Source: SCMP

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