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Chinese EV Battery Giants Dismiss "Forced Labor" Allegations by U.S. Lawmakers

CATL and Gotion High-Tech have denied claims of "forced labour" levelled by US politicians. CATL underlined its compliance with US laws and regulations, dismissing the charges as baseless. Gotion High-Tech denied any role in forced labour and asserted its support for human rights.

The congressmen had requested that the enterprises be added to the U.S. import prohibition list, known as the "entity list," under the Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act (UFLPA). However, both CATL and Gotion High-Tech have denied these allegations.

CATL underlined its complete adherence to all applicable US rules and regulations in a statement issued on Friday. The corporation refuted the charges presented in a letter to U.S. Members of Congress on June 5, calling them unjustified and utterly incorrect. CATL further highlighted that its commercial relationships with the vendors referenced in the letter had long since ended.

Similarly, Gotion High-Tech fiercely denied any involvement in or link to forced labour abuses. The corporation stated its commitment to promoting human rights and preserving employee rights. Gotion High-Tech stated that its partners are chosen based on stringent auditing and evaluation requirements.

Chinese officials have constantly denied charges of forced labour in Xinjiang, describing them as baseless and intended to harm the country's reputation. They argue that the rights and interests of people from all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are appropriately protected.

Since the UFLPA was passed in December 2021, 65 Chinese companies have faced sanctions in a variety of industries, including textiles, apparel, agriculture, polysilicon, plastics, chemicals, batteries, household appliances, electronics, and food additives.

The UFLPA, according to a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, "might as well be called the most notorious and egregious law against human rights in the 21st century." The spokesperson claimed that the act not only imposes illegal sanctions on Chinese enterprises, but also aims to coerce companies around the world into assisting the US in restricting and suppressing China, resulting in an economic coercion coalition.

According to current data from SNE Research, CATL retained its position as the world's leading battery maker, accounting for 37.7% of the market share from January to April this year. Gotion High-Tech, which is partially owned by Volkswagen, was placed ninth internationally.

  • CATL and Gotion High-Tech have rejected allegations of "forced labor" made by U.S. lawmakers.

  • CATL emphasised its compliance with U.S. laws and regulations and dismissed the accusations as groundless.

  • Gotion High-Tech denied any involvement in forced labor and stated its commitment to human rights.

Source: CGTN

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