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China to Impose Controls on Exports of Some Aviation and Aerospace Equipment

Beginning July 1, China's Commerce Ministry will limit exports of aviation and aerospace equipment and technology. Export licences will be required for specific commodities under the new guidelines. The controls will cover aviation and aerospace engines, structural components, engine manufacturing equipment, software, and technology.

China Southern Airlines
Credit: Andy Wong

The Commerce Ministry, China's General Administration of Customs, and the Central Military Commission's equipment development department issued a joint notice outlining the precise areas that will be subject to export controls. These include aviation and aerospace engines, structural components, engine production machinery, software, and technology. The limits will also apply to tools, moulds, fixtures, and other processing equipment used in the manufacturing of materials like "superplastic" bonded with titanium, aluminium, and their alloys.

This decision by China comes as both Beijing and Washington have made moves to restrict the export of items, technology, and equipment deemed critical to national security. China has already imposed restrictions on select US aerospace and defence businesses in retaliation to arms shipments to Taiwan, a self-governing island that China considers its own territory.

It is worth mentioning that the United States has previously implemented export controls for aero gas turbine engines, some aircraft and instruments, and navigation equipment and systems. According to the Commerce Ministry's announcement, the controls will also cover the technologies utilised in the equipment's development, manufacturing, and use, such as design drawings, process specifications, simulation data, and so on.

The overall impact of these export limitations is questionable. China exports engine parts and other aviation and space components, but it has also made tremendous progress in creating its own jet engines. However, it continues to rely on foreign suppliers for essential components of aircraft manufactured using its own technology and manufacturers.

As the global aircraft industry evolves, export limitations may have an impact on international trade and cooperation in the sector. It is unclear how these restrictions would influence the supply chain and enterprises' access to key equipment and technologies.

  • China's Commerce Ministry will restrict exports of aviation and aerospace-related equipment and technology starting July 1.

  • The new rules will require export licenses for designated items.

  • The controls will apply to aircraft and aerospace engines, structural parts, engine manufacturing equipment, software, and technology.

Source: AP News

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