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China's First Homegrown DPU Achieves Significant Breakthroughs

The K2-Pro, China's first native DPU, breaks new ground in both technology and performance. Yusur designed the semiconductor, which can process 80 million packets per second (Mpps) and support up to 200G of network bandwidth. The K2-Pro processor consumes 30% less power than its predecessor.

Yusur’s K2-Pro DPU chip
Credit: China Daily

Yusur, a well-known DPU firm backed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently presented its third-generation chip, the K2-Pro. The business claims that the chip is already in mass manufacturing, which is a big milestone. Yusur accomplished the development of three generations of chips in under six years.

Yan Guihai, CEO of Yusur, stated that the latest DPU chip, capable of processing 80 million packets per second (Mpps), can provide a network capacity of up to 200 Gbps. This solution targets performance bottlenecks in large-scale data centres, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Compared to its predecessor, which debuted in 2022, the K2-Pro consumes 30% less power, making it more energy-efficient and environmentally benign.

The DPU, also known as the Data Processing Unit, is the third most common chip after the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). It is widely recognised as a key technology for the next generation of chip competition.

Zheng Weimin, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at Tsinghua University, emphasised the importance of breaking the monopoly of foreign chip giants in the DPU sector. He stated that it is crucial for domestic DPU firms to strengthen basic research, leverage resources and technological advantages, focus on industrial innovation, and achieve core technological breakthroughs. This will ensure the security and independent development of computing power in China.

  • China's first homegrown DPU, the K2-Pro, achieves breakthroughs in technology and performance.

  • The chip, developed by Yusur, can process 80 million packets per second (Mpps) and support a network bandwidth of up to 200G.

  • The K2-Pro chip boasts a 30% reduction in power consumption compared to its predecessor.


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