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APAC Businesses Lead Globally In Customer Experience Investment

With the pandemic resulting in a surge in customers transitioning to digital experiences, Adobe's 2022 Digital Trends: APAC in Focus reported that 77% of APAC businesses experienced a surge in new customers through digital channels over the past 18 months, with 130 million new APAC mobile subscribers that became first-time internet users in 2021.

Credit: Adobe

Despite all that though, APAC businesses are apparently lagging behind Europe and North America when it comes to having talent with the right skill set and agility to deliver results. 83% of APAC business leaders are worried that their organisation doesn’t have the necessary skills they need, in comparison to 79% in Europe and 73% in North America.

"Given that 84% of APAC organizations expect the rate of technological and social change to continue at the same or higher levels, developing the skills, agility and innovation required to keep pace should remain a top strategic priority," said Scott Rigby, Chief Technology Advisor, Adobe Asia Pacific and Japan.

Perhaps it's also due to a relatively late start, but the report also claims that Asia’s ability to obtain customer insights is lagging behind ANZ & India, with only 18% of businesses on average admitting to having customer insights across new customer journeys, friction points, loyalty and drivers of purchase.

Thankfully though, 59% of APAC businesses are stepping up investment in customer experience management, which puts APAC slightly ahead of North America (57%) and Europe (53%). 60% of APAC businesses also expect to accelerate investment in customer data technology.

"The digital rewiring of consumer mindsets in Asia Pacific has been of high benefit to those businesses who have embraced an agile digital mindset, purposeful collaboration and sped up their time-to-value ratio," said Duncan Egan, Vice President Digital Experience Marketing, Adobe Asia Pacific & Japan.

"Companies that overcame organizational and technology silos to work cross-functionally, were able to drive meaningful customer experiences that are personalized, real-time, relevant and connected across all channels."

Credit: Adobe

The full 2022 Digital Trends: APAC in Focus report can be downloaded at Adobe's website.

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