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3D Singapore Sandbox Available Now At GeoWorks With Over 160,000 Buildings Mapped

The first of its kind, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has launched a collaborative environment with 3D scans of over 160,000 buildings mapped nationwide. The 3D Singapore Sandbox aims to encourage using 3D city models and geospatial data to better develop and test new applications and services.

SLA GeoSpatial & Data Director and Chief Data Office Ng Siau Yong says: “By making available 3D city models that we have built, as well as other geospatial data through the Sandbox, we hope innovators, entrepreneurs, industry partners and the technology community can develop and test new services and solutions that will add to Singapore’s effort in becoming a smart city.”

Collaborating with industry partners Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Esri Singapore and Hexagon Geospatial, the general public will have access to geospatial solutions that can simulate all sorts of scenarios and is set to simplify processes for companies.

Credit: Singapore Land Authority

For example, using Bentley Systems’ solution, you’ll be able to get maps all overlayed from government authorities like URA and LTA, meaning it’s less work for a company since they won’t have to get individual maps.

Credit: Singapore Land Authority

Autodesk’s solution allows users to plan and visualise their projects all in one platform, with flood simulation, road conditions and more. All these are made possible by SLA’s 3D spatial data.

Aside from that, SLA has also partnered with LOTaDATA, a San Francisco-based global data analytics provider to provide “People Intelligence” for geo-analytics, with over 380 million human movement points across 1450 cities and metro areas worldwide.

Businesses in the architecture, real estate, construction and logistics industries are encouraged to leverage on the Sandbox to co-create and develop innovative solutions to enhance business operations and processes.

Credit: Singapore Land Authority

With Esri Singapore’s solution as a good example, real estate developers could actually see what sorts of views would be possible simply by placing a render of their planned building into the software, which then calculates which floors will have obstructed views and what can be seen from higher floors.

Credit: GeoWorks

The Sandbox is located at GeoWorks, the geospatial industry centre set up by SLA in 2018, and is available to industry partners, with bookings required for each 3-hour slot. More details can be found at GeoWork’s website.

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